Who are we?

Who we are

Ministry of Nutrition and Rural Areas Baden-Württemberg
The modern competence center for horticulture, landscaping and arboriculture

  • We do research for a environment friendly horticulture and landscaping
  • We develop and test new ecologically sustainable methods in the area of ornamental plant production, vegetable production, arboriculture and landscaping
  • We offer support for decision making in particular in the area of choice of products and sustainability
  • We offer attractive courses for professionals
  • We work for the Ministry of Nutrition and Rural Areas Baden-Württemberg

The College for Horticulture, Landscaping and Arboriculture Heidelberg Training and Further Education

  • Training for landscapers and growers of ornamental plants (1200 h, degree of “Meister”)
  • Training for landscapers, growers of ornamental plants and vegetables (600 h, degree of
  • Training for arborists (600 h, degree of “Fachagrarwirt Baumpflege und Baumsanierung”)
  • Training for European Tree Workers and European Tree Technicians
  • Rope Climbing Courses
  • Training, Demonstrations and presentations for professionals and multipliers

The Research Institute for Horticulture and Landscaping Heidelberg

  • The modern research station is of a state of the art condition. Our facilities contain 0,6 ha of greenhouses/plastic tunnels and 3 ha of uncovered ground. We develop production strategies and schemes for the modern grower of ornamental plants and vegetables. Climate control, alternatives for chemical plant growth regulators, plant nutrition, biological pest and desease management, concepts for the retail and cost calculation are our main subjects.
  • Growers profit from our support for the choice of cultivars
  • We guarantee unbiased comparison of cultivars. We test outdoor sustainabillity in the climate of the Rhine Valley.
  • The horticultural retailer profits from our sales arguments for retailers and our support for professional marketing.
  • Our research in landscaping concentrates on subjects like water management in public and private areas and on testing perennials for the use in public areas. Easyer Care of private and public greens. Trees and their needs in urban surroundings are another focus of out research activities